Christian Grunow

„Change can only succeed if, starting tomorrow, people do something a little differently than before. What motivates people to act? What motivates them to change? These are the crucial questions for any training and organizational development. But the answers turn out differently for each person. I love developing strategies in this area so that sustainable change succeeds in companies.“

Christian Grunow has a degree in business administration and is an international coach,trainer and consultant.

Christian sums up his philosophy like this: „The success of a training or a consultation shows in the weeks THEREAFTER. I am firmly convinced that a training must not only convey content, but also support the implementation of what has been learned. If this succeeds, trainings and coachings are a highly profitable investment for companies.

But HOW do you succeed in supporting a participant to sustainably change an aspect of his behavior in the future? This crucial question of any training has accompanied Christian since the beginning of his professional career.

It all started with a diploma thesis on how employees deal with organizational change. Christian then learned sales know-how from scratch in sales at Mercedes-Benz AG.

In 1997, he took the step to become self-employed. Since then, Christian has accompanied change management processes in almost 200 companies. He quickly noticed that jointly agreed measures in the companies were sometimes implemented very quickly, but sometimes not at all.

Sometimes it was due to the general conditions, sometimes to the qualifications of the employees, but much more often it was due to the fear of change and old habits. In his trainings and coachings Christian succeeds very well today in bringing about and accompanying changes. A high degree of empathy, humor, composure and the right mix of methods serve him well.

Christian’s clients include companies such as Audi, Bayer, BMW, DEKRA, Porsche, Kienbaum Management Consultants GmbH, MTU Onsite Energy, ESG, Trias Training + Services GmbH, the Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit, Arvato Direct Services GmbH (Bertelsmann Group), MAN and the European Business Ecademy.

But there are major cultural differences depending on the location. „When I was on assignment in China and Singapore, I needed different tools than when I was on assignment in Europe,“ says Christian.

His seminar participants appreciate his lively training method, which is also very entertaining due to practical examples. „Stories are the glue with which what is learned sticks in the brain.“